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Audiotorium Notes


App Apps, LLC




iPad, iPad 2


$1.99 USD

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Audiotorium Notes


Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Theology you name it!
This app encompasses ideas for use with any subject of your

Ideas for Application:

After a good month of use, I have found that this app
can be the ideal alternative notebook. The best thing about the
app is voice record abilities. Not only can you take notes,
you can listen on the lecture later to write notes missed during
the class. Another key feature is the ability to edit courses and
categories the way you want.


An app that gives you an instant connection to have everything
you need for a school environment. Take notes, record voices,
send the notes to a cloud, virtually do anything! With the
dropbox feature, you can drag and drop files to access them
anywhere you go! Bring audiotorium notes with you anywhere
and never worry about wasting another penny on notebooks!


With the use of digital voice recording, it is easy to record
lectures or parts of lectures that you missed during class.
Just simply go back and later, listen and rewrite your
notes! During class, take notes with the notepad so you
can get as much information in class as possible. After
your done, Use the dropbox feature to send it back to
yourself later and edit at home! Also, organizing your
notes into categories is always a good thing!


Hard to type out lists of notes when using indenting and
organizational techniques. Especially in classes such as
British Literature and American Government in my situation.
Typing is hard on an iPad when in the heat of lecture but
without organizational techniques such as bulleting that are
crucial in note taking.

Helpful Tips:

Be attentive and listen in class so you can be the most
efficient during class and make use of the app to its fullest.
The biggest tip is to organize your notes into categories
first. this helps organization and makes it easy to find your
notes and study for future references.

Additional Comments:

Great app and I have used it the most since this pilot
program began. It has helped me the most significantly
in classes to organize my notes. Before having the iPad,
I used to use 1 notebook for all 6 of my classes.

Bottom line:

Great app that can record lectures, type lectures, and
even send the notes to a cloud for access from any computer.
Also allows for a great custom way to organize notes into


Andre Clinton Wilt