If you are getting started on one of the CP iPads, click the home button (the only physical button on the front of the iPad):

Then you get to the home screen by sliding your finger along the screen at the bottom:

Your screen should look like this:photo.PNG
and the first app in the upper corner should be AppStart, which looks like this:

Open that app by touching it and then click on iPad 101. This will explain the basics for you.

Here are some other resources about using the iPad:

iPad Manual (from Apple)
Multitasking on the iPad (from TUAW)
How to sync a Google Calendar and/or G-mail to an iPad (from Google)
How to move apps into a folder (from TheNextWeb)
How to close all apps on the iPad - also frees up memory (from SimpleHelp)

How to use the iPad to improve learning for those with special needs:

Accessiblity for those with visual impairments (from Apple)
Accessibility for those with hearing impairments (from Apple)