The iPads can be checked out on the Prep Technology checkout page.

Once you have reserved the iPad cart, please come to the Cassem Memorial Library to retrieve the cart. The iPads should all be charged when you get the cart.

When you get to your classroom, find the ethernet jack in your classroom. Most should have a jack other than the one that your teacher computer is plugged into. If not, you may have to unplug your computer to obtain wireless internet access. It will look something like this:
external image ethernet-con-1_400_x_335.jpg

On the back of the iPad cart, you will see this:

You need to plug in both the ethernet cable (gray) and the wall plug (black). Even if you aren't charging the iPads, the wireless router must be able to charge, so you'll need to plug in the power.

The key to the iPad cart is hanging on the back of the cart. You will use that to unlock the cart.
When you are finished using the iPads, return them to the library. You do not need to plug them in; Mattie will charge & sync them. If you want Mattie to help you set them up the first time you use them, she is available A days as well as 2nd hour.