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iPad only (though the Diigo website can be accessed on any device)



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Any, especially those that require research or for which there are a great deal of web resources available.

Ideas for Application:

  • Saving resources and articles you want to read later.
  • Having students highlight and save their web research for papers or projects - eliminates having to use lots of paper and/or e-mail lists of links to save them.
  • Sharing a list of helpful resources that you've collected with students or colleagues.
  • Joining a group (like Diigo in Education) to keep updated on news & resources in your content area or another subject of interest.


Diigo is a bookmarking tool that works great on the iPad. Once you have created an account, you can then access pages that you have bookmarked on any computer from any other computer. You can tag each of your bookmarks with relevant terms, ensuring that you can easily find information you are looking for.

Educators can get free special accounts that allow them to link to their student accounts.

Diigo has a bookmarklet that can be installed into Mobile Safari on the iPad which allows you to highlight and save pages you have seen on the iPad. This prevents you from having to e-mail links to yourself to read later, etc.


  • Allows you to access your bookmarks from any device - especially nice on the iPad because it can be tough to type in long URLs.


  • Web Highlighter can sometimes be a bit flaky - it will highlight more or less than you are trying to highlight and it takes a bit of working to get just the right stuff.

Helpful Tips:

This app is particularly helpful if you install the bookmarklet; How to Install the Bookmarklet(go to link on iPad to install).

Additional Comments:

Diigo also has cool widgets. For example, I've created a group for the iPad project, so we can share relevant links:

Once you have saved lots of links you have a tag cloud of all the sites you like and use. Here's my cloud of links:

Bottom line:

Get it! It's free and makes your life easier.


Mattie Germer