If you are using the iPad cart, each iPad has been set up with an e-mail address ipadxx@juniorjays.net.

To quickly send a document or message to all the iPads, you can send an e-mail to the following distribution list:
(Just cut and paste all the e-mails into the "to" line on an outgoing e-mail)

ipad01@juniorjays.net; ipad02@juniorjays.net; ipad03@juniorjays.net; ipad04@juniorjays.net; ipad05@juniorjays.net; ipad06@juniorjays.net; ipad07@juniorjays.net; ipad08@juniorjays.net; ipad09@juniorjays.net; ipad10@juniorjays.net; ipad11@juniorjays.net; ipad12@juniorjays.net; ipad13@juniorjays.net

Also, remember that any e-mail, document, or photo sent from one of the student iPads would originate from one of these addresses.

If you have a personal iPad, here is howow to set up your Prep e-mail on an iPad:
Go to Settings
Mail, Contacts, Calendars
Add Account
Microsoft Exchange

Email: yours @prep.creighton.edu
Domain: cp.local
Username: Your ID
Password: Yours
Description: Of your choosing - I put "Prep Mail"
Server: webmail.juniorjays.net/microsoft-server-activesync