Google Earth

external image GoogleEarthIcon.pngGoogle EarthHow to use Google Earth on the iPad (a guide by Google)


Google Inc.




Cellphones, Computers, GPS systems



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Human Geography, US History, World History, Art Classes (to study public architecture/sculpture)

Ideas for Application:

Perfect for any geography or history class to help visually comprehend areas and how each relates to each other without any distortion or unneeded areas. If we had an astronomy course, there is potential for Google Earth to be used to help pinpoint star locations according to Earth location. Can teach how to use latitude and longitude


A virtual globe, Google Earth is a tool mapped out of various satellite images pieced together to create a rendering of Earth. It is used as a globe that can zoom in and out of specific locations with ease as well as provide directions for any curious observer.


Simple to use, easy navigation, down to Earth (haha), detailed photos in most areas, fun to play around with


not much functionality besides what was mentioned, hard to incorporate as a classroom tool, can be frustrating if functions get mixed up (ie. the Earth ends up upside down)

Helpful Tips:

The best way to learn how to use Google Earth is to literally play around with it.

Additional Comments:

Its fun to use, don't know how I would use it in core classes like English, Math, Science, but it's definitely a fun tool for anyone willing to play around with a globe! One way to use it in English is to use it to go on virtual trips along with book characters. There are lots of sample "lit trips" at

Bottom line:

I mean, it's not very different from any other Google Earth application. It is generally a tool to help people virtually visualize certain areas around the globe. It has an incredible satellite display to showcase our Earth in high detail. The touchscreen features does give the user more of a "hands-on" experience.


Art Cai