Israel & Palestine: IsrPal_iPod_search.pdf

Comparing the Bible with the Qur'an comparing quran and bible.pdf (with an example student presentation created during lesson: Quran and Bible Example.pdf)

An example quiz on the book The Sunflower by Simon Weisenthal using TestMoz, a web-based quiz site

Animated cartoons of the Middle Ages in Church History: Project assignment & sample student video

Mattie Germer, Theology Department

After teaching key vocabulary and structures regarding the subjunctive mood, students used the ipad app VC Audio Pro to record themselves (and a partner) telling a story in Spanish using the key vocab and structures from a set of picture prompts. After recording, the students were able to listen to the audio samples using headphone and re-record if necessary. The students were then able to email their podcasts to me. I will be able to listen to each sample and provide feedback using a rubric.

Jerry Kinney, World Language Department