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iPad only



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Any - especially English, Religion, & Social Studies

Ideas for Application:

  • Distributing articles/documents for students to read & annotate
  • Grading papers
  • Giving tests
  • Assigning worksheets to be filled out electronically
  • Peer editing
  • Signing documents and/or filling out forms
  • Taking notes on any kind of PDF


iAnnotate allows the user to view & annotate PDF files. The available annotations include highlighting, underlining, strike through, arrow, note, typewriter, as well as custom stamps. Once a document is annotated, it can be synced to a computer via iTunes or e-mailed to anyone.


  • An amazing tool - I've used it to mark up articles I'm reading, grade papers, save documents from online to read later, etc.
  • Interface is sophisticated and feature-rich, but still relatively easy to learn
  • Dropbox integration! Documents can be downloaded and uploaded directly from/to Dropbox eliminating any need to sync through iTunes
  • Ability to e-mail directly from the document; for example, I've used it to sign a contract and e-mail it directly to the other party. I've also used it to grade papers and e-mail the grades & comments directly to the student.
  • Searchable document database as well as the ability to view docs by date added, last read, unread, & annotated. Can also tag documents.
  • Custom stamps - if there is a comment you use frequently (like WC for word choice when grading a paper) you can save that comment as a stamp and insert it in the document with a single click.
  • Uses the pinch zoom multitouch gesture which gives the user a great deal of precision and flexibility. This allows the user to zoom in to write and then zoom out so the edges of the handwriting are softened and it is made more condensed when viewing the entire document.
  • Recent update allows .doc & .ppt files to be opened and converted to .pdf in one step - no need to convert first.
  • Can download .pdfs from any website with integrated browser function - great for downloading articles from online databases or assignments from the classroom portal pages or websites.
  • Can add bookmarks throughout a document and can scan through all your bookmarks at once to easily come back to an important point (especially useful for long documents).


  • Can be hard to annotate with finger - stylus recommended
  • Seems a bit buggy - will sometimes crash, but the data seems to always be recovered so it is more of an inconvenience than a serious problem
  • Is a bit costly (but through the Volume Purchase program it drops to $4.99)
  • For a student, the only way it would be useful is if the teacher integrates Word or PDF files into the class.
  • Can have up to 6 files open to easily go back and forth but will sometimes crash and claim that you had too many files open.

Helpful Tips:

Use a stylus!

Additional Comments:

One of my favorite and most useful apps. Used this application a lot for downloading database articles in PDF form. I could easily access the ones I downloaded and flip between them.

Bottom line:

Absolutely essential for any iPad user, especially students. Has the potential to be very useful to a student, ultimately depends upon if the teacher distributes Word or PDF files. Otherwise, there's not much other stuff you could use it for.


Mattie Germer Austin Edwards